Shopify Plus & Access Dimensions

Is your productivity being restricted by poor communication between Shopify Plus and Access Dimensions?

Remove obstacles to your growth with real-time data transfer provided by Patchworks integration solutions.

What Patchworks can do for you

Patchworks collates all key business data and transfers it instantly between your eCommerce and ERP packages

  • Easy setup – Patchworks can be deployed to you just as soon as your are ready, providing rapid integration with no disruptions to your business
  • Expert guidance – pre-integration consultations with our experts to work through any issues in your current setup
  • Protect your profits – cut costs by eliminating the need for manual data entry tasks

Your problem

  • Shopify Plus and Access Dimensions are the backbone of your software operation, but you just can’t make them work together effectively
  • Constantly changing between and updating two platforms is costing you valuable time and money
  • You feel that your only option is to change your software system, however, it’s not something you can afford

Our solution

Fast and effective integration of your entire software system

  • Increased productivity – automate data entry tasks and get on with more important issues
  • Real-time insight – seamless data transfer allows you to control your entire operation from one just platform
  • Expand with ease – Patchworks integrates a huge range of software packages and sales channels

The Patchworks integration process

Pre-integration consultancy

  • Smart Data Mapping systemises your data for increased processing efficiency
  • Issues in your inventory are resolved with Patchworks SKU Cleanse

Shopify Plus and Access Dimensions integration

  • Increase customer satisfaction and order fulfilment rates with synced categories between platforms
  • Synced stock levels across your system to ensure that you never miss a sale
  • Boost your profit margin by removing the need for expensive manual data entry tasks

Save time and sell more with Patchworks

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