PrestaShop & OpSuite

Looking for a fast and effective integration solution for PrestaShop and OpSuite?

Overcome barriers to your growth with effortless integration for your software system from Patchworks.

What can Patchworks do for your business?

Patchworks connects your eCommerce and EPOS with real-time data transfer, and delivers a whole host of benefits:

  • Effortless integration – fully coded and externally hosted for super simple integration with no disruptions
  • Expert advice – our experienced consultants will work with you at every stage, providing help and advice to maximise the productivity of your operation
  • Increase your profits – eliminate the need for manual data entry tasks to reduce your outgoings

Your problem

  • You’ve invested in OpSuite and PrestaShop as they are perfect for your requirements, however, they won’t communicate with each other
  • You can’t afford the time or costs involved with changing your software
  • Switching between your platforms to duplicate your data is too time consuming

The Patchworks solution

Super simple, cost effective integration of your entire software system

  • Maximise productivity – save time and money with automatic transfer of your data across multiple platforms
  • Ongoing support – no need to worry about software updates affecting your operation; Patchworks is continually updated and maintained
  • Expand with ease – Patchworks integrates a whole host of the market leading eCommerce, Accounting and CMS platforms

The Patchworks process

Pre-integration consultancy

  • Smart Data Mapping identifies your crucial business data
  • Patchworks SKU cleanse identifies and eliminates inventory errors to ensure super swift integration

PrestaShop and OpSuite integration

  • Increase productivity – synchronised categories throughout your entire system
  • Reduce costs – eliminates the need for costly manual data entry with real-time data transfer

Save time and sell more with Patchworks

Talk to us today about connecting any of your systems - we’d love to share our proven formula to selling more, simply. Either drop us a line, or request a call back. Get Started

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