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Magento & Vend HQ

Are you having data transfer issues between your Magento store and Vend HQ? Patchworks seamlessly integrates your platforms with real-time data transfer to improve your business’ performance.

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Automate your business

What’s in it for you?

Patchworks is a flexible and powerful integration bridge that automates the flow of key business data between your ERP and POS platforms

  • Simple integration solution – integrate your systems with minimal fuss thanks to our fully coded, externally hosted solution
  • Invaluable advice – our experienced consultants will work with you before integration to ensure that your systems are running at full capability
  • Save time and money – no need to wait for custom integration developments to be built; Patchworks is fully coded and ready for instant deployment
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Automate your business

Your issue

  • Manual data entry tasks are reducing your profit margin
  • You have invested substantially in your packages and feel that they should be working better together
  • Re-investing in a custom integration development or in new software systems is not a cost-effective solution
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Automate your business

The solution

Use Patchworks to connect your software and start saving time and money instantly

  • Boost your productivity – we sync your categories to streamline your data flow across multiple platforms
  • Greater insight – make more informed business decisions with access to accurate data in real-time
  • Future-proof your business – Patchworks gives you greater flexibility for expansion, allowing you to incorporate new software and sales channels quickly and simply
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Take control of your data


Pre-built connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors provide instant integration for your retail operation. Our integrations team are on hand to help you achieve the perfect configuration for your operation.


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