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Magento & Erply

Looking to unify your Magento and Erply packages? Remove obstacles to your growth today. Patchworks connects your eCommerce and ERP packages to increase your key data visibility and inflate your productivity.

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Automate your business

What Patchworks will do for you

Your data is transferred in real-time between your platforms, increasing your efficiency by removing the need for manual data entry

  • Get started instantly – Patchworks is an externally hosted bridge that requires no further coding from you, providing comprehensive integration with no disruptions
  • Help from the experts – our highly experienced integrations team will help you to make all the right decisions regarding your software setup
  • Cost effective – with Patchworks your data is transferred instantly to save time and money
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Automate your business

Your dilemma

  • You have invested in Magento to handle all of your eCommerce, however, you can’t get it to sync correctly with Erply
  • You are receiving high volumes of sales data and may have to recruit new staff just to handle it
  • You don’t want to have to spend more money on either changing your software or on a very expensive custom integration
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Automate your business

The solution

Complete integration for your whole system provided by Patchworks

  • Boost your productivity – protect your investment and connect your systems for increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved insight – achieve complete real-time visibility of your whole operation and manage you entire system from just one platform
  • Future-proof your business – Patchworks integrates a host of software platforms and sales channels to increase your flexibility and scaleability
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Pre-built connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors provide instant integration for your retail operation. Our integrations team are on hand to help you achieve the perfect configuration for your operation.


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