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Magento & Access Dimensions

Are you pulling your hair out over communication issues between Magento and Access Dimensions? Integrating your eCommerce and ERP packages needn’t be a pain in the neck, combine your software quickly and easily with Patchworks.

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Automate your business

What we can do for you

Patchworks collates and organises all of your key business data, transferring it in real-time between your platforms, to accelerate your business performance

  • Easy setup – Patchworks is externally hosted and doesn’t require any further coding
  • Expert guidance – work with our team and get advice on improving your system configuration
  • Protect your profits – minimise your labour and operational costs with automated data transfer between platforms
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Automate your business

Your problem

  • You need all new Magento data to be available in Access Dimensions, but you are stuck entering it all by hand
  • You have invested heavily in your software packages, but aren’t able to take advantage of all their features and benefits
  • Changing your software costs money and takes time to learn, there must be an easier way
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Automate your business

Our solution

Effortless integration with a host of benefits with Patchworks

  • Increase productivity – no need to keep constantly changing between two platforms, your data is streamed in real-time for increased efficiency
  • Real-time insight – have immediate access to all of your sales and customer data and gain greater control over your business
  • Expand with ease – Patchworks increases your flexibility in choosing which software packages you want to work with
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Pre-built connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors provide instant integration for your retail operation. Our integrations team are on hand to help you achieve the perfect configuration for your operation.


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