Find out how we aided the UK’s fastest growing business of 2016

“We instantly connected with the approach from the Patchworks team – straight talking, get into the detail quickly and work smartly. Consequently, they turned around our launch in half the expected time, and our first Black Friday integrated with Patchworks ran so smoothly, I got 200% more sleep than the previous year!”

Chris Perrins
Finance and Operations Director, Gymshark

The challenge

Gymshark began experiencing high traffic and transaction volumes very early on, although their systems struggled to stand up to the pace and meet requirements. This jeopardised customer satisfaction and was a continual frustration for the Gymshark team.

The brand identified the need for a reliable integration from their eCommerce platform to their warehouse, which would provide seamless dataflow and handle significant traffic from their online store.

The solution

Following a full 360º validation to thoroughly understand Gymshark’s requirements and ambitions, Patchworks connected Gymshark’s eCommerce and WMS integration to automate their orders, stock, and fulfillment services.

This solution gave the brand the agility to scale and launch in new territories with ease. Data instantly and reliably synced, processing immense volumes of orders without falter – so much so, that product launches and Black Fridays are no longer a headache for Gymshark’s IT team. The whole company are now confident they can always deliver a customer experience as outstanding as their product offering.

The results

Integrations powered by Patchworks is supporting Gymshark with their fast-scale growth model and realising their global aspirations. The Patchworks solution offers Gymshark:

360º Validation of their business

By running a full assessment of the business – taking into consideration all departments – Patchworks provides Gymshark with the best solution to meet the requirements of the whole business.

Time and money saving

Reducing manual inputting and team intervention, as well as increasing order processing, decreasing customer issues and improving fulfillment efficiency, have all led to significant savings in time and money.

Integrations with growth and scalability in mind

Having a thorough understanding and considering the fast-growth of Gymshark, Patchworks offers the flexibility and agility to adapt to new systems, channels and adopt new territories as and when required.

Ease of automating high volumes of data

If any brand is a test for high volumes of site traffic, it’s Gymshark! Processing tens of thousands of orders with each new product launch, Gymshark can trust Patchworks’ integration to automate each and every one.

An extension of their team

Gymshark works with Patchworks as a trusted extension of their IT team, considering the relationship a ‘partnership’ as opposed to a ‘supplier/customer’ relationship.

Save time & sell more with Patchworks

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