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Tips to create a great About Us page

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Never under estimate the importance of your About Us page. It might seem like a daunting task and you might feel that ecommerce shoppers will pay it little attention. You would be wrong. A superb About Us page can have a positive impact on your sales so ensure that you give it sufficient attention. Here’s a few thoughts to get you going. Decide on your tone Think about the culture of your company and the customers that you serve and choose a tone of voice that reflects your personality and character. Consistently write using this tone (across all communications) so that your audience understands who you are. Use the skills of a professional copywriter if required. They are writing copy for websites every day and know how to engage readers with well-written copy. We’re all different Don’t copy another business’s structure for their About Us page – no two companies are the same. Ensure that your page fully reflects your business and be confident in how you decide to portray this. Your story matters They want to know where your business has come from and who you are. So tell them! Whether in a corporate or familiar style (to suit your tone), tell your story in an honest and open way. Go on to explain exactly how your business can help them and how you intend to develop your product range or service over time. People make a business If appropriate, introduce members of your team and show them the faces behind the business. Explain who they might be talking to at the end of the phone. Explain how this team is qualified to successful run your business and serve your customers well; they need to trust the people as well as the business. Don’t just stick to copy Make the best possible use of images, videos and artwork to liven up your About Us page and make it an engaging and pleasurable thing to view. Do make sure that it all links nicely together though. Don’t hide your About Us page Whilst it might not fit into your core navigation, your about us page should be easy to find from your home page in addition to many other pages. Many ecommerce websites offer a link to the About Us page in the very top line of navigation or alternatively in the footer section. So long as they can find it without a magnifying glass. What are people saying about you? If you have some great testimonials or you’ve won an award, use this content effectively in your About Us page. You don’t have to overload the page with comments and quotes but pick a handful that sum up why you are such a great company and use them well. Call us Remind the reader how easy it is to contact you. Offer email address, phone number or live chat functionality. You might even include a map to explain how they can find you. If you’re active on social media, offer some links to the relevant platforms so that they can interact with you there as well. Just make contact easy! Keep it updated Changed your phone number or opened more stores? Be sure to update this information if you’ve mentioned it on your About Us page. Regularly review your general website copy to ensure that it remains totally up to date as inaccuracies will lose the confidence of your visitors.
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