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Shopify and Amazon partnership

Shopify API

In a bold move, Amazon Webstore owners are now able to easily migrate their online store to Shopify, potentially widening the channels that they can sell from. In a close partnership, Shopify is offering Amazon Webstore owners a 30 day free trial having migrating, allowing them to explore the ecommerce software first-hand. Systems integration is becoming increasingly important at so many levels and it’s important that platforms can work together to ease the administrative burden on ecommerce businesses and free them to focus on the important task of growing their business. Many businesses spend far too much time on mundane and repetitive tasks, transferring data from one system to another or manually checking and synchronising data such as stock levels and sales. Not only does this relate to the expense of an excessive number of hours, it can open up much potential for errors and handicap the company from growing at the pace that it needs and wants to. The new Shopify and Amazon partnership facilitates a migration with no downtime or interruptions to sales. Both customer and product data can be easily transferred. And there’s more… Shopify merchants can now enable Login and Pay with Amazon, simplifying the payment process for many and offering another element of choice. Shopify merchants can now take advantage of Amazon’s fulfilment centres in many countries, including the UK. Amazon can pick, pack and post an order, with products being stored in Amazon’s fulfilment centres. Shopify merchants will soon have the Amazon Sales Channel available to them; listing and selling their Shopify products directly on Amazon. This really is good news for a large number of merchants and a great example of two leading platforms embracing the need for efficient systems integration.
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