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Quick review of Shopify ecommerce

Shopify API

There are a myriad of options when it comes to ecommerce software and yet Shopify is up there as one of the leading contenders. Used by all manner of ecommerce businesses and many of our clients, we highlight some of the features that make Shopify great. Security Without doubt, Shopify offers you a high level of security that will keep your online business safe. Easy and flexible The Shopify ecommerce interface is easy to pick up and will offer you plenty of flexibility. Offering a staggering number of templates to work from, you can create the look you want and there are a huge number of add-ons to give you further functionality. Integrating with third party apps Shopify is one of the best ecommerce software platforms to do this. This gives you a high level of flexibility. But beware that you cannot integrate with third party apps on the starter version. Lots of automation to optimise sales Image zoom, product comparisons and customer reviews are all automated on Shopify, better informing your customers and working to increase conversion and basket size. Live order tracking is available as is live chat should you wish to run it. Secure checkout features The Shopify ecommerce software platform utilizes a 256-bit SSL-encrypted checkout to protect personal data and is PCI compliant. Working to protect your business, it offers risk analysis which is the equivalent of fraud scoring. This can rate your customers on a series of known risk factors and flag potential fraudulent purchases at the point of ordering. Reporting You need to be on a higher level plan if you wish to use Shopify’s sales reporting. However you can also integrate it with Google Analytics and QuickBooks. Drop-shipping can also be managed through Shopify. Mobile friendly Not only is the front end of Shopify mobile device friendly, the administration platform is too, allowing you to manage your business on a device that suits you. Ample help and support Offering you a great online manual, Shopify’s ecommerce system also comes with a high level of help and support. Telephone, email and live chat are all available to you. You can even consider a mentor through Shopify’s “Ecommerce University”. All in all, Shopify is a decent bit of kit that equips you to create a fully functional ecommerce business that can compete within your market and scale upwards as you grow. There’s many more software options of course and we can help you with your decision if required. For a more substantial way forward, let us recommend a web development company that can build you a market leading ecommerce website. Whatever your needs, we have the skills and knowledge to help you succeed.
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