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IFTTT review: how can it help your business?

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Sometimes a free online tool comes along that is a little star. We reckon IFTTT (If This Then That) is one of those stars and it’s really useful for various bits of system automation that can help to run your business and save you valuable time. IFTTT works by allowing you to connect two different web apps or services in order to automate an action. It asks you to set up a “recipe” by creating both a Trigger and an Action, using a number of Channels. Confused? Here’s a quick IFTTT review and explanation: Trigger: The “this” part of a Recipe is called a Trigger. So, “If this happens…” An example might be, if you receive an email from your competition. Action: The “that” part of a recipe is called an Action. So “Do that…” An example might be, put the email into a certain folder. Channel: IFTTT supports in excess of 100 Channels and the list keeps growing. Common favourites include Facebook, Twitter, Intagram and Gmail. So what can you actually achieve with IFTTT that might actually be of help to your business. Well with some familiarisation and creative thought, quite a lot indeed. Here’s just a handful of ideas that we have identified, each saving your business precious time through clever automation. Rest assured that there are many more:
  • Organise emails that you receive from your competition, keeping your inbox clear and always having them to hand for analysis
  • Create an RSS feed for a competitor’s blog and automatically keep updated on their posts without having to remember to visit them all
  • Set up an automated “thank you” to go out to all new Twitter followers
  • Collect tweets that give positive comments about your business and retain them as testimonials
  • Know the minute that a competitor makes a change to their website
  • Automatically welcome new members to a Facebook group
  • Post your Instagram photos as Twitter photos
There is simply lots that this clever piece of free software can do and it’s only going to get better. Smart use of software and technology will allow you to better focus on the task of building your business, without remaining bogged down in repetitive daily organisational chores so take some time to learn how IFTTT can help your systems integrate. Of course for a more substantial project concerning systems integration, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.
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