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How to win back abandoned baskets

Shopify API

The percentage of businesses sending emails to customers that have abandoned their baskets is still surprisingly low. Yet research suggests that if you can get that customer to return, they are much more likely to spend more with you. Well worth some effort. Whether you are already sending automated emails to customers that have abandoned baskets or are considering doing so, this information will be useful to you in putting together the best possible plan for your own business. What to include Keep it simple and clear. A strong call to action is always best. Include images of the products that they were going to buy and if you have great reviews about them, include these too. Also ensure that all of your contact details are easily visible so that they can email or phone you should they have a query. Take the opportunity to highlight any further USPs that you possess but don’t go on at length – keep it punchy! The importance of the subject line It’s the first thing that they read and will most likely determine whether they view the email or not, so give it plenty of thought. They will see that the email is coming from your business name and so you don’t need to include that in the subject line. Many businesses report success with something a little quirky, whilst questions often work well: Did you forget something? Whoops! You forgot to finish your purchase. We’ve kept your basket full for you John. You can test your subject lines over time and see which ones give you the best open rate and ultimately, conversion rate. Timing is everything There is no proven formula and what works for one business might not be as effective for another. B2C and B2B can also require different timescales. As a general rule however, the first email should be sent out immediately and within 24 hours. In fact some businesses will send it just one hour after a basket is abandoned. If there is no response, a second email can be sent 24 hours or more after the first. This is the email where you might choose to include an incentive to purchase. 10% discount perhaps or a free product. A third email might go out up to six days later and pose as a reminder for email two. Alternatively, you might increase the incentive. You’ll notice that the open rate will generally drop as you progress through the emails – the best response will always come earlier. Grasp the opportunity Hopefully this blog goes some way to explain the potential revenue stream that abandoned baskets present you with. Unlike a high street retailer, you have the opportunity to talk to customers that leave without completing a purchase and with the right words, many will consider coming back to make that purchase and perhaps becoming a loyal customer to your business.
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