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How data integration impacts on your customer service

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Isn’t it frustrating when you have to contact a company having purchased something online, only to find that you get passed around departments, having to retell your story because nobody quite has all of the data together on your purchase? And isn’t it great when you contact a company after a purchase and they get it right!

It might be a large organisation or an entirely smaller business. That point is not important.

What is important is if they are managing their customer data correctly and the impact it can have on you, the customer.

Data integration allows your business to hold all of the data on a customer in one place, for all departments to access when they need to. That might be purchase history (online and offline) or previous contact history by email or phone for example. We’re quick to give customers multiple channels to communicate and interact with, but many businesses are remarkably slow to pull all of this information together into a single coherent customer record.

Furthermore, your business needs access to the bigger picture if it is to analyse performance and plan for growth. Having pots of data within different systems is quick frankly like working with one of your hands tied behind your back – slow and frustrating!

Failing to integrate different CRM systems with e-commerce systems and even offline sales systems makes for poor customer service. Poor customer service hinders sales growth and can actually reduce the loyalty of a customer or leave them talking to a competitor.

So much data is now available and it’s essential that you manage this in a way that is of benefit to your business and your customers; not a hindrance. Systems integration does not need to be complicated and talking to specialists such as Patchworks takes the pain out of it.

Once complete, you’ll wonder how you ever managed beforehand and you’ll be well poised to offer first class and efficient customer service to every customer that chooses to pick up the phone to you.

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