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Facebook advertising for ecommerce

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We’re all hearing a great deal about it, but is Facebook advertising for you? Should your business be using resources in this aspect of social media or is it just not going to work for you? Whilst we cannot answer that question entirely, we can give you a bit more information about Facebook advertising, to help your research and to facilitate you making an informed choice when the time is right. So here’s a bit more of an insight for you. Why consider it? With more than one billion active users every month, it seems to be one of the biggest online audiences around. And there are so many different types and profiles of consumer to communicate with. But it’s not the size of the audience that is the best bit about Facebook advertising, it’s the ability to get quite specific about who you wish to communicate with, ensuring that your ads are only seen by your likely target audience, making the spend go so much further. You can find 45 year old men in Yorkshire that like gardening and “like” particular gardening Facebook pages if you so wish. What are you trying to achieve? The types of Facebook ads that you take out and the message that you use are entirely dependent on understanding your goal. So get this bit clear from the start and the rest will follow. Is it email sign-ups or sales? More “likes” or website traffic? No single advert type is going to purely drive sales and so it’s important to understand what your wider goals might be. How do you keep control of your budget? Just like other forms of paid for advertising on the internet; perhaps Google Adwords being the most well-known, you can set a daily budget and state the maximum that you are prepared to pay for an advert to be placed in a particular location. Where do the adverts appear? There are many different places on Facebook that advertising can be placed. You can select particular locations and structures or allow your adverts to be placed across a much wider selection – all dependant on your message and your target audience. Be aware that different locations will also attract different click through rates and of course, command different rates – determined by the strength of competition. A bit of trial and error can be a useful thing here, so don’t be afraid of experimenting – after all, the experts do! Who can you target? Now this is the clever bit. Facebook advertising allows you to get really specific on who sees your ads. We’d recommend that you experiment with this, as one audience might be more responsive than another. Consider testing different messages too, with the same logic in mind. Here’s just a selection of options that are open to you when specifying the best audience to hear about your product or service:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Politics
  • Work
  • Relationship
  • Connections
So, that’s Facebook advertising in a nutshell. If you think that it might be a productive option for your business then the best thing that you can do is jump right in, given that you can control your budget. Only then will you know for sure if Facebook advertising could be for you or not.
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