BigCommerce Jirafe – better reporting

November 9, 2015

A few weeks ago, ecommerce platform BigCommerce announced that it was making its advanced BigCommerce Jirafe suite of data driven analytics tools available to all of its merchants.

In this post, we take a look at the news, examining the analytics features, and how ecommerce businesses using the BigCommerce platform can benefit.

So what’s happened? 

Last year, BigCommerce teamed up with analytics provider Jirafe to provide merchants on its premium Enterprise plan with 8 advanced, data-driven analytics tools.

According to BigCommerce, it’s been really successful – so much so that they’ve been inundated with positive feedback about the analytics tools from happy merchants who’ve been able to boost sales.

On the back of this, they’ve decided to roll out the Jirafe suite to the rest of their customer base, so all BigCommerce merchants can benefit.

As part of the rollout, BigCommerce have also created a load of product demos, videos, how to blogs and instructional materials designed to help ecommerce businesses make the most out of the analytics tools.

What kind of reports does it include? 

The BigCommerce Jirafe suite is pretty comprehensive, and includes 8 different analytics and reporting tools. All the tools can be run from a single dashboard, via an easy to use platform.

The different tools include:

  • Overview dashboard – a complete view over your entire business performance, including all kinds of customer, visitor and purchasing data
  • Real-time dashboard – a real time revenue, visitor and order tracker
  • Marketing report – with detailed info about all your e-marketing campaigns and performance
  • Merchandising report – track category and product sales to SKU level
  • Customer report – see info about customer numbers, purchase behaviour and new vs. repeat customers
  • Orders report – examine details about every customer order, and historic transaction data
  • Abandon cart report – see how different products perform in terms of purchases vs. cart abandons
  • Purchase funnel – see how customers navigate and shop through your site

In essence, it brings together a huge amount of really useful customer, marketing, merchandising, usability and performance data into a series of quick reports, which you can then use to tweak your site and improve revenue.

What’s so good about Jirafe? 

Jirafe’s been making waves in the ecommerce industry for a couple of years now, and has a series of high profile customers including Starbucks, Nasty Gal and GE.

Where it differs from more simple web analytics tools like Google Analytics is in the level of detail, the types of report available and the integration – it provides significantly better real-time customer data, and quick, easy reporting that integrates directly with the BigCommerce platform.

Like all ecommerce analytic tools, it’s designed to help businesses grow revenue and maximise profitability. By showing you clear data about what’s working and what isn’t, you can optimise your marketing budgets and merchandising efforts accordingly.

BigCommerce claims that merchants typically see an increase in revenue of around 10% in under 90 days – and that definitely seems plausible. If you’re using BigCommerce, and haven’t yet tried out the Jirafe tools, we definitely recommend giving them a go.

Luke Hodgson

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